New Assignment, New House!

Well, we are now house hunting, we saw THE house today; it’s just a question of if we get it or not I guess. Our realtor wasn’t able to get a hold of the seller, but on Sunday that’s not a huge surprise. We are crossing fingers, toes, and legs in the hope we get the house we want.

The second house we looked at was awful, the people had been foreclosed on, and they trashed the place, they reversed into the garage door (the garage itself looked like it needed new garage flooring), they poured bleach on the carpet, they punched holes in the walls, and they broke and shot out the windows, they smashed tiles on the kitchen floor, they sawed through the kitchen cabinets, and kicked in every interior door…………. None of that was in the listing info at all. So even though it was the least expensive of the homes we saw, it would have taken at least $30,000 to get it up to our standards. (It was being sold for $100,000 under perfect value, but we are not in the market for a $300,000 house, so having one in the end is of no use to us.)

Then we found THE house! It’s huge, and has a formal living room, family room, dining room, eat in kitchen, and then a amazingly huge bonus room with 16ft ceilings completely separate from the main part of the house. The upstairs is huge with great kid’s rooms and a large extra room for guests and sewing. The master has a huge bath that Paul can fit all the way in, a miracle for him, and he needs to soak his neck and back due to injury, so it’s wonderful for him. The windows weren’t in fantastic condition but we’d most likely look at replacing them anyway; we’ve heard from friends that Ultrex Fiberglass Windows are good as they can actually help to reduce energy bills. We will probably want to work with Leeds Window Cleaning Services or some professionals similar to ensure that we keep those fantastic windows in shape so we can keep our dream house looking new. It’s a great house with enough to do to personalize it and make it ours, but not so much we can’t handle the work.

I shouldn’t get so excited just waiting to hear about it, if we can’t get it there is no point, but I can’t help it……. Is it possible to first day of looking find the perfect home? It sure feels like it! We would never have expected to find a home that ticks all the boxes so early but we were instantly drawn to its charm; we still recommend that if you’re house hunting you do plenty of research on property listings as just when you think you’re found ‘the one’, an even better one may be around the corner. We haven’t put an offer yet because we need to know if there are other offers or not, and if there are, how much to we need to offer to be competitive?

Anyway, if we do get the house I have decided I will start a new blog all about the decorating and home improvement process.

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