I really don’t make sense

Ha, Ha, I just realised how many holes there are between posts, Life suddenly got very busy in our house.

We got the new house in Richmond VA, Paul got a new job down here as a joint analyst for a depot. Then in November we got the news he was deploying for 5 months, we moved, and then 5 days later he left.

The kids started up after Christmas break with a new school and I have been working on the house. I sort of fell off the planet while Paul was gone because I was doing the house, school, dealing with the kids alone, and anytime I had on the Internet was spent talking to Paul. I will probably post some catch up stuff later, as I did post a little to my LJ and I jut didn’t do very well at keeping up here because I haven’t sent the info out much to family so I wasn’t sure anyone was really reading it anyway.

Paul is back now and after a quick jaunt down to Florida for a family vacation he will be back at work and I should be better about posting……..well except for the fact that it’s summer vacation and I have the kids at home keeping me busy, and my school still, and the house……..anyway.

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