A Good Day

We got back last night from Disney World, I’m sure I will have a post about that later but right now I am enjoying the last little bit of my sister’s visit.

Today we went to Bell Island, had a Popeye’s chicken picnic, swam in the James River, and enjoyed the sun. This evening we made honey cream cheese filled fried wantons with grilled pineapple and cold chopped strawberries, with a honey cream sauce and vanilla ice-cream…….*dies of the loveliness* we invented the recipe after trying to guess the ingredients to a desert we had in Disney World.

Tomorrow Sarah and her hubby leave at 5:00 am so we will have our house to ourselves and actually be home for the first time since Paul got back. Paul is at work now here in Richmond; today was his first real day there. The job apparently seams like it will be good for him, but he isn’t working with any other military at all so that will be a change.

On the house front my sewing room is almost done, I have a few more details that will tie up loose ends but as a whole it looks pretty snazzy and is just waiting to be filled in the rest of the way with still packed stuff.

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