Funny Miss Emmie

Emmie said a couple of things today that I thought were pretty funny, so I thought I would post them here so I could remember them later.

Emmie has been really worried about me going back to school, she is worried about what will happen if she gets sick at school etc. and I am not here to go get her. I never really thought about the fact that the kids have never had me anywhere but home, so it didn’t occur to me that they derived any comfort from the fact I have always been available. I keep assuring her that I will keep my phone on me and come home if I am needed, and that I wont take any summer classes, but she still asks when I am starting all the time, and I kept telling her the date I might start if accepted for this semester (not a done deal since I was technically past the deadline.)

So today when I got my letter of acceptance from the school I told her about it so she stayed in the loop of what was going on. When Paul got home I mentioned to him that I had called my mother to let her know what was going on (I wasn’t too specific because we didn’t tell the kids too much about what was going on with the possible job change.)

Emmie turned to me and said, “You told your mom about being accepted at school so she would send you school supplies?”
I laughed and said, “no, Nana won’t send me any school supplies.”
Emmie: “Why not, my mommy gets me my school supplies?”
Me: “I know, what a rip off huh?”
Emmie (getting indignant) : “Ya, a total rip off, alls you gets from Nana is a good luck!”
Me (trying not to laugh): “What the heck? Where are my school supplies?”
Emmie (getting more and more irate) : “Ya, and sometimes Nana tries to bite me!”

ummmmmmm……….. okay. (to be fair my mother is a notorious baby nibbler, she loves to kiss and bite little cheeks)

Then we went to the gym (where Paul tried to kill me) and dropped the kids off at the play place. Paul and I went to workout (where he really did try to kill me) and for a run on the ellipticals. When we were done we decided to go and get the kids so we could go home and get cleaned up so we could go out for a celebratory diner. I picked the kids up, we all headed out to the car, and about half way home Emmie burst out in a pannic,

“Oh NO! I left that girl at the gym personal jinxed, what if I never see her again?”

we had to convince her that saying her name in the car counted, and indeed *Hope* will speak again.

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