Paul’s homecoming

Yes I know these are all kinds of out of order, but I am just trying to catch up as I find pictures of last year.

I didn’t post much while Paul was gone, because I was kind of a bummer then, but also because I never know what to post security wise, so I would rather not post anything!
The day Paul called me and told me he was coming home I just cried and cried! I was so excited and even though I knew he wouldn’t be home until late at night, I put the sign the kids and I made on the house and ran straight to school at 11:00 a.m. to get them!

It was so funny, as soon as I got to the office to check them out, they asked my what I was taking them for, I burst into tears again telling them that my husband was coming home (It is making me cry now just thinking about it, I am such a baby.) This very tall complete stranger gave me a big hug, and everyone was laughing at me, not meanly but I just think the happiness was infectious. Isaac and Emmie came bursting into the office and as soon as they saw me Isaac shouted “Is Daddy coming home?” (Oh my gosh, I’m such a baby, I cannot tell this story at all with out just sobbing. I had put off doing it in the hopes time would make me less of a baby, but no luck.)

Anyway after months of holding it together I just sobbed as I started driving with the kids, and then I ran out of gas!!!! I KNOW what a stupid thing to do, but apparently it was exactly what I needed because I just started laughing, and it snapped me right out of the freaking out I was doing.

I hadn’t had any car trouble the whole time Paul was gone, and the day I go to get him I end up on the side of the road, calling roadside assistance, and having gas brought to me, wouldn’t you know it I had no cash on me, so it was an ordeal to get them to take a card # and then because I had sat for so long with my hazards on the battery needed to be jumped! I just kept laughing the whole time, it was the grounding I needed. We drove up to BWI and checked into a hotel, and changed our clothes in preparation for seeing Paul for the first time. I was so nervous, you see I had lost 30lbs while Paul was deployed, and I was so excited for him to see me!
When we got to the airport there was a whole greeting committee waiting for the flights that were coming in. The kids helped Operation Welcome Home volunteers hang signs, and we were beside ourselves with excitement while waiting.

The kids had made special t shirts that said “my daddy is my hero” and they had painted American flags and yellow ribbons on them. They hurt my heart so much to see them standing there, they had missed him so much.

Paul was the second flight for the evening, and one of the last people to get off of the second flight, we waited for so many people to come through, I got so worried that some how he wasn’t on the flight, then all of a sudden I saw the shadow of his distinct walk coming around the corner, and I knew it was him. I tried the whole time we were waiting to remember the advice of the MC while my sister was in the Miss AZ pageant, and try to “pretty cry” but I don’t think I managed it.
I was such a mess, but luckily had been smart enough to remember to buy water proof mascara for the occasion.

Poor Paul couldn’t find a moment to disengage himself from any of us the moment he got back, we went to the hotel room so he could change, and then out for a late diner since none of us had eaten.

That evening was so special for all of us, we missed him so much while he was gone, but are so proud of his service, he is the best man I have ever met, and being in the Air Force is a huge part of who he is, and we love all of it, even the hard bits.
here is the video of the first time we saw him.

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