Paul’s last day in DC

On Paul’s last day working in DC we all went with him so we could be a part of his going away ceremony. He was awarded a medal for his time in DC and given a book as a reminder of his time there.

We all went to the O’club for lunch to celebrate with him and to say goodbye to the coworkers that Paul enjoyed so much over the last 4 years (well not all of them, it’s the military after all, lots of people had come and gone during Paul’s unusually long time in DC)

A quick family picture, can you tell we are all very proud of Paul?
That night we all went to Applebee’s as a family (the kids like the apple restaurant) and they happened to have a face painter there, she was awesome!

Isaac was the human torch, and Emmie was Daddy’s favorite cat, a snow leopard.

Have you ever seen eyes like these?

I love his smile, he just puts his heart into it!

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