The Touch Museum

Isaac and Emmie were asked to Participate in their school’s Black history month celebration, Isaac was the MC that welcomed everyone, and Emmie was supposed to dress as Bessie Coleman, a significant figure in African American history.

Anyway, she wore a little aviator’s cap that I made her, a thrift store leather coat I altered, and Paul found a great belt in the thrift store and adjusted it to her size. She looked so cute, but man was she fed up that everyone kept calling her Amelia Earhart. She got into an argument with the little boy who was supposed to be a Tuskegee airman, he said he was the first black pilot, (which they were, if you look at it in the context of the first in the US military) and she kept insisting that she was the “first person of African American decent to hold a pilot’s licence.” The young couple who played President and Mrs. Obama were very serious, although that might have been because they were embarrassed to be with each other since they were 4th graders and all!
Emmie put her goggles on half way through one of the other kids speeches, much to the delight of a baby in the front row, they slightly magnify and they are too wide through the nose, so she ends up looking crazy and cross eyed! The baby was just dieing and laughing at her, I was in the back miming to her that she needed to put her glasses back up so that she was being less disruptive, but the magnification in the glasses meant she couldn’t see me, it was so terrible, but so funny.

Here are the videos of each of their parts, Isaac was very serious, and Emmie very sweet, I guess you could say they were themselves.
sorry if these are sideways, I couldn’t figure out how to get them straight!

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