Happiness is……..

Today I had an awesome afternoon! I got to go to lunch with a friend, do a little sewing, and spend some time tidying around the house. The kids are still at school until the end of the week so I am still alone during the days, but as of this Friday we will officially have started summer!
I have decided to share some stuff on here every now and then that makes me happy- just little things that every time I see them I smile or that make me feel thankful.
First off our blackberries…..

When I was a teen I lived in England. All summer long you could just walk down the road and pick wild blackberries off of Cotswold stone walls and fences, they were always warm from the sun and huge.

When we moved to our current house I planted a blackberry bush as soon as it got warm enough, and to my surprise there were wild black berry bushes in the tree line of the woods in our backyard too! Last year nothing produced much of anything, but with careful pruning of the woods berries and a little time in the ground for the new bush, this year our crop is massive! I love letting the kids eat all they want, it seems like store bought fruit has to be rationed since it’s so expensive, but with the blackberries, it’s eat them or leave them to the birds. There’s nothing quite like a berry straight off the bush, and having as many as you want to make summer feasts out of when playing outside!

I am not sure what it is about this little collection that makes me so happy, I found the pineapple finial at a little antique store in Richmond, (I am under no illusion that it’s antique!) but the shape and color with the white coating on top just spoke to me, it’s so textural. The oil lamp is one my mom got me about 10 years ago as a Christmas present, and the green glazed pedestal is one I got at TJ Maxx a while back. These all live in the library on a bookshelf, and every time I walk through the room I look at them and just sigh from how at home they make me feel.

These plates are from a sort of funny place in the house to be happy in, they hang on the wall of my half-bathroom! My half bath is actually one of my favorite rooms in the house (it was white, tiny and boring when we moved in.) We installed bead board all the way up to plate rail height, and then painted it a creamy yellow color with an even paler yellow above. These plates are from a little antique store, and I think I paid less then $20 for all of them. I love the simplicity of the gradiated color on the cobalt blue ribbon, I think it’s quietly elegant and I love being surrounded by beautiful things in every room of the house!

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