Hi! and a shirt redo ☺

Hey! welcome to my new blog, I hope you enjoy yourself here! I love sewing and crafting, so pretty much that is what will be here. I am a student at VCU so there will probably be a mix of some of my art projects too. I would love to have comments and followers, so please leave me a message!

For a first project I figured I would share a shirt I just embellished for my daughter, I bought the shirt for Emmie at Target, but thought it was a little too plain!

I found a red floral embellishment on clearance at Michael’s, and decided it would be just the pop of color she would love, the only trouble is, it seemed just a little too random without any blue on the flower, or red on the shirt! I went to my bead stash and found the perfect colors in seed beads, which was crazy lucky.

The sequins and clear beads were already on the embellishment, so I just added the blue beads to the flower, and then I added red beads in a swirl pattern to the shirt.

Emmie loved it, she said it made her feel really pretty, and wore it the next day to school (I actually feel a little guilty for putting the picture of her wearing the shirt online since I took it of her at 6:45 a.m., and she looks so sleepy!)

I would also like to point out, Miss Emmie made her own earrings in this picture out of left over red beads and some stash embellishments!
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