My Version of an Anthropologie Cardigan, part 1

I Love this cardigan from Anthropologie, but did not love the $98 price tag I decided that I could definitely make something similar for less – little did I know for how much less!

I went into the Salvation Army Store on Wed (that’s the day all clothes are half price) and found this grey cardigan for $2.99, with the half price that only made it $1.50!!!!! It doesn’t have as long a sleeves as the Anthropologie one, the knit is not as fine, the neck hole is not as big, and there isn’t the hem and cuff detailing that are present in the $98 one, but honestly I don’t care for a $96.50 difference!

So here is the humble start to my project – we shall see how close I can get it to the original!

Part 2 with the actual making is found here

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