My Version of an Anthropologie Cardigan, part 2

So step 1 was making the little silk chiffon patches to put on the front – I luckily happened to have silk chiffon scraps in my stash from another project, so they were free! The color was a great neutral skin color, so all I would need to do was dye them to make them go with the inspiration cardigan.

I had another freebie with my dye – at school last semester my weaving professor was getting rid of some out of date dye; the dye was still good, just the school couldn’t keep it. So I brought home a bunch especially designed for silk and wool (protein fibers.) I cut my silk into scrap sized portions, and then used a for dye only Pyrex bowl to mix a tiny bit of water and a tiny bit of dye together.
The dye instructions say you are supposed to boil your fiber for 30 minutes, but I just microwaved each one for 2 minutes, and then rinsed with dish-washing liquid and water (detergent is bad for silk) The colors were super bright and didn’t wash out at all, so we will see if they have light fastness and staying power.
After everything was dyed, I just put them on a towel to air dry

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