My Version of an Anthropologie Cardigan, part 4

Next I put black sewing thread in my sewing machine, and then mostly followed along the lines (anywhere I didn’t follow the lines it didn’t really matter, because once the paper was gone who was to know?)
Then I tore the paper away to expose the stitching on the fabric.
Here is the finished front before I washed it. (I washed the whole sweater at this point in order to age the appliqués.)

Here is a shot of what the inside looks like, it’s nice and tidy!
In order to get the gathered hem detail that was in the original cardigan, I used an awl to open two holes in the bottom hem and then thread a piece of elastic through. I then pinned the holes shut and stitched over them in order to secure the elastic and hide the holes simultaneously.
I was pretty happy with how it turned out, you can’t see where I threaded it at all!

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