My Version of an Anthropologie Cardigan, the home stretch!

In case you missed part 4 here it is

 I decided that the cardigan looked a little boxy on me (it’s a large, and I am a small who usually wears a Medium so that I can have slightly loose fitting clothing.) So I decided to take in the side seams a little at the waist to make it more feminine. I started by pinning it, then basting with my machine, so that I could try it on and be sure I liked the fit.

After I knew I liked the fit, I used my serger to stitch the seams so they were finished and could still stretch.

I had clear glass beads in my stash, but had to buy the heavy duty thread I needed (bringing the grand total so far to $7.50 for the whole project.) I basically beaded wherever I thought it would look interesting, trying to get a similar feel to the Anthropoligie cardigan.
So, here is the Anthropologie cardigan, for $98

And then here is mine for $7.50 (sorry about the sunglasses, I am basically blind outside without them.)

Here is the back of the original.

And then the back of mine. (sorry about the bad posture mom.)

I am actually delighted with how this turned out, I don’t usually try to copy things, but with a $90.50 savings, I definitely think I am gonna start doing it more often!
I linked up to a few link parties with this one, I would love any comments and followers that wandered on over here from them! Also don’t forget to look at the whole cardigan revamp!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden


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