Patio furniture revamp

We got new furniture for our patio this spring, but struggled to find what we wanted! Eventually, we settled for a Martha Stewart Living set from Home Depot, the frames were awesome but I didn’t like the fabric at all so we knew right away it was going to be a total recovery job. (in the picture it doesn’t look too bad, but in real life, it was a rough, brown, green, and cream polyester fabric that made my hand go uuughhh!)

I got the red and white outdoor fabric for $7 a yard from, along with the outdoor fabric for the little pillows. The white floral outdoor fabric was from Hancock fabrics, and I think it was 50% off of $14.99 a yard

The lady who cut my fabric at Hancock’s asked Paul (my husband) if he was really going to let me use it! What the heck, we both thought it was awesome! I made slip covers for the bottom cushions and then just stole the stuffing out of the original cushions for the backs.

The pillow for the love seat is stuffed with a .99 cent bed pillow from IKEA. We love how these turned out! Since some of our friends saw us remodeling our furniture, they recommended that we add a bit of makeover to our patio as well. We were suggested to redesign the patio with pergola. A pergola is an outdoor structure that supports a roofing grid of beams and rafters. When combined with a patio, it beautifies the outdoor space and extends the living area. Though the idea seemed quite fascinating, we thought we will save it for some other time.
Anyway, whatever changes that we did to our patio and porch really looked beautiful. The furniture makeover was appreciated by some guests who had visited has. Since the whole porch was a redo this spring, I will probably blog about the painting/staining project with before and after pictures of the deck later! Hope the readers are also welcoming Spring the way we did!


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