a flea market find and a summer treat!

Last weekend we went out estate sale and flea marketing; I got a couple of awesome things, but I am holding off on sharing a few of them because they are waiting for makeovers! I decided to share my favorite find of the day though, a vintage milk glass necklace with a silver and amber glass clasp. I love milk-glass like woah! and finding this great piece for only $4 was so exciting! I am going to restring it with replacement spacers since the pearls are fake plastic ones that have seen better days; I probably won’t go the pearl route again since I only like real pearls and I worry about how abrasive those would be against the glass. I think I am going to go with crystals in a neutral color so the necklace stays versatile.

The next thing I have to share is a little summer treat the kids and I made. The bottom layer is raspberry jello with a few frozen raspberries thrown in, the next layer is apricot jello with cut up nectarines, then we added vanilla pudding, we topped it all with whipped cream. This was so simple and refreshing with how hot it has been lately, I think I sometimes forget to appreciate how yummy stuff like this can be, and how entertained the kids can be by easy “cooking” projects. (I have to say though, I think the magic of this treat is in the presentation; the mini trifle bowls are $1.50 each at Walmart and make this dessert special!