Becca’s 4 hour baby blanket top!

My older sister is pregnant with her second little boy, (which we are all very excited about!) I made her a quilt for her first son, so I decided that I should do the same with her second little peanut. I bought the fabric a couple of months ago but didn’t have time between school and the kids to get started on anything; yesterday I had my craft class but since I was ahead of schedule by a couple of days, I didn’t have anything to do. (The day before I had sat with headphones watching “The Dark Crystal” on my i-phone.) I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get some personal work done since my teacher didn’t mind what I got up to. This top is made with 5 fat quarters that I got for .99 cents a piece at Joann’s on sale, the lemon fabric was some I got a little before the fat quarters, but directed the colors of everything else. (The white is just a plain cotton print cloth that I purchased from my classroom at school since I didn’t have any of this weight at home.)

This top is made up of 12 log cabin squares and 4 plain white ones, each square is about 10″ so once the borders were added it’s about a 45″ square total. The strips are all 2.5″ strips and I sewed it all with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Instead of quilting this with a top, middle, and bottom layer, I am actually going to just add a flannel backing. I made a ton of quilts for my son, and found that I rarely used them except to throw them on the floor for the baby to roll around on; whereas receiving blankets were the workhorses of my baby kit. I prefer the lighter weight for covering car carriers when outside, swaddling the baby, and flannel is pretty good at wiping up puke in emergency situations (not to mention much less bulky to wash. I started to add the backing last night, but my back was done for the day – I am off of school today so I think that will be the plan for this afternoon.
Oh, did I mention that I did this from start to finish in 4 hours? I am pretty excited about how fast it went – I know it’s not exactly a difficult pattern but I didn’t even have a plan for it when I got to class! I guess that’s a pretty good advertisement for not putting something off if you don’t think you have the time!

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