My summer craft class’ finish line is in sight!

I have finished my final project for my summer craft class! My thumbs are still nearly useless, but I was at least able to do everything I needed through the pain. I spent from 8:45 in the morning until 10:45 at night on Monday getting it all dyed up; I had Paul and the kids come hang out with me for the evening. We ate pizza (thanks Paul!) and I only had one melt down about what a terrible artist I am (even after about 14 hours in the studio which is not to bad.)
This piece is 45″ square and mounted on a piece of acrylic that holds it about an inch and a half off the wall so that the silk can move with the air flow. I still haven’t named this piece, (any suggestions?) which is all I need to do between now and tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. for the final critique. I went up to the school today to hang it on the wall so I am unofficially done with needing to do anything for this class (which was lots of fun.) I am so glad that I was able to get this done early and no all nighters were pulled; although I do have about 48 hours worth of work into this one.

Now I have almost 2 whole weeks before we go to my mom’s for a fun summer trip. I have so many projects I need to get done before I get into the swing of school this fall; I am pretty sure I will not have a ton of time for personal stuff between the 2 craft classes, art history, and history of costume class, not to mention how behind I am going to get since I am going out of town to England for almost 2 weeks in September. I am trying to be good and let my thumbs heal, but this weekend we HAVE to finish the front deck so I don’t know if I will actually accomplish resting them or not.

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