My Summer Craft Class has Eaten My LIFE!

I am currently in the middle of an accelerated craft class this summer, we are fitting 16 weeks worth of work into a little less then 5 weeks and the pace is killer!
So far we have worked on embroidery samples, (I don’t have a picture of my sample because I forgot to take on before turning it in,) and then we dyed some cloth a BRIGHT! yellow in preparation for painting on it with thickened dye as another sample.
The sample was supposed to have various resists and stamping as well as brush strokes and getting more of a grasp on how the dye would flow on the dry fabric; it wasn’t supposed to look like anything so I guess I succeeded! It’s pretty ugly but at least most people have been able to spot my olive and tree………..Ummmmm, ya. It’s a “little” rough, but that’s what samples are for right?

The project that ate most of my last couple of weeks has been the embroidery art piece. The theme was Macro/Micro, which in the art world means “could be anything!” I decided to shrink clothes and make a paper doll collage art piece. The assignment said that the piece needed to have at least 12 sq inches of complete coverage embroidery, but other then that I could do pretty much what I wanted.
I decided to make the collage about my daughter and the hopes I have for her, the piece is called “Paper Daughter”
This first dress is about wanting my daughter to stay a little girl, The bodice is embroidered while the rest is fabric (except the lace at the hem which is a doily) left over from my daughter’s bed quilt. The background is heavy cotton watercolor paper that is attached to a stretcher frame. I sewed through the background with a running stitch to sort of imply paper doll cutouts and I really liked the little tabs.
This one is supposed to be about my hopes that my daughter will pursue an education, I hope that my school work will inspire her to feel like an education is super important. The graduation gown is black linen that I had scraps of (yay hording fabric!) while the cap is more embroidery, I made the tassel out of spare embroidery floss too.
The wedding gown is supposed to symbolize my hope that my daughter will find love and happiness in her adult life. The dress is a purchased net with an embroidered bodice, there is a silver thread embellishment on the bodice too.
The doll is a photo of my Daughter that I put on the computer and manipulated to look like a pencil drawing. I printed the drawing onto fabric, and then couched 6 different colors on for her hair, and then I embroidered the yellow onto her tank-top (which took forever, I should have probably used a larger thread.) Emmie was a little offended since I accidentally did her hair too short (IRL it is to her bottom) but I decided that the couching was too time consuming to care that much about it!
The last dress is about letting go, even though I want my Daughter to be little, (but since she must grow into her adulthood) I would have her get an education, and get married; I also want to remember that she needs to follow her bliss, that she needs to grow into her own path no matter what I would choose for her. (I let Emmie choose the theme of this dress) I feel like there are lots more meanings to this, but that they are hard to portray in a meaningful way through blogging so that is sort of the simplified version, (Lots of extra thoughts about the embroidery creating the beauty and homey atmosphere that I try to create in my Daughter’s life, realizing she is her own person and not my toy, etc.) The dress is made up of embroidered butterfly wings and then more of her bedroom fabric for the bodice with a silk flower petal skirt.
The whole piece is 12″ x 24″ and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
The rest of this week we are working on silk painting a quilt piecing – I am looking forward to the silk painting since I have never done it before! (I like piecing too πŸ˜‰
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