Silk painting and my poor swollen thumbs…..

I finished my silk painting sample and had it graded this week; it was a lot of fun to do, but the final product was not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. The 2 corners without resist were pretty ugly, and I managed to spill red on the border since I was being bad and not eating for too long (I tend to not want to stop what I am doing to eat when I am busy, my husband tells me off all the time for this.) I started to get shaky and knocked my cup of dye over like a dork. Oh well, I gave it to Isaac (my son) and he has been wearing it around as a pirate bandanna, so it won’t go to waste even if it’s not a good example of my work!

Here is a picture of most of the class’ scarves on the wall for grading.

This is a look at my final project (due on Thursday) it is a 45″ silk square that has resist painted all over it. You can sort of see what the final image will be since the tracing image is still under the silk, but I am not telling anymore about it for sure until the project is finished!

My poor thumbs though; in order to paint the resist you have to squeeze a little bottle with a tiny little nozzle on it, the pressure required seems small at first but I end up with my hands shaking after just a couple of hours, and it took 12 hours in total over 2 days in order to resist this whole thing. My thumbs are swollen and I can’t grip anything with them (the tips have also felt pins and needle-y for 2 days.) I think I just strained them and inflamed the tendons, but I will go get them checked out if it doesn’t stop soon. (Paul is giving me anti-inflammatory medication too) Grrrrrrr not great timing to hurt myself since this weekend is front deck makeover weekend, but I am doing my best to stay helpful.
Paul and I stained the deck Friday night, and tomorrow is probably going to involve sewing the covers for the chair cushions. (Today we went up to a big antique expo in DC and to IKEA to pick up the doors for my studio’s shelving units. The heat index was 109 degrees F and there was no way we were going to work outside in that!)
Anyway, hopefully I will have pictures of productive things tomorrow instead of a further whine about sore thumbs!

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