silk painting

This week in my craft class we are working on silk painting samples; the end sample won’t be a pretty scarf or anything, just a technique development piece. I divided my sample into 4 different sections and then drew a picture to put on to the silk (I decided on a sort of gothic style stained glass window) and then I used a pencil to trace the image.

I stayed late in class last night so I could add the resist to two of the panels (my hubby came and helped me too!) so that I would be ready to paint today.
the first panel has resist and 3 colors, the second has resist and is multicolored, the 3rd was sized with thick chemical water, and the 4th with have thick dye painted on plain silk. The process is pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to finish so I can see how it looks when all is said and done (all the resist will be white)