Vintage Earring Hair Flowers

I bought some vintage, turquoise glass, clip on earrings, at an antique show we went to last weekend and they just screamed flower centers to me. Emmie likes to wear flowers in her hair, but they cost a lot at the store so I figured I could make my own custom ones for a lot less (especially since turquoise is Emmies favorite color!)

I got 2 flowers for $1.99 at Michael’s because they were on a buy 1 get 1 sale. I decided to go with an off white and a autumnal light golden orange/brown.

In order to make these lie flat on a hair clip I pulled all of the plastic away from the flowers and sewed a few stitches through all the layers in order to hold it all together. (notice the blue on my fingers, I spent the afternoon spray painting an estate sale bargain so I could put it on my front porch and I couldn’t get it all off my fingers!)

Next I used metal cutters to snip the clip off of the back of the earrings, and then hot glued them to the flower centers.

On the off white one I finished up by taking an ostrich feather and clipping sections out of it, and then slipping them amongst the petals with a dot of hot glue to secure them.

I still need to add the clips to the back, but I ran out of hot glue so I guess I will have to make another run to the craft store!