My new dress!

I am making a new formal dress for an upcoming Air Force Association diner that I get to go to in September, and I am so excited about the fabric!

I bought some really gorgeous coppery skin colored silk taffeta in DC the last time I was there, and have been looking for a complimentary fabric since then to inspire the design.
I took a sample of the silk with me to New York and Philly in order to know what I needed as a match up, and found some stunning beaded ivory silk chiffon for over half price!
I got the fabric from fabric row in Philly at a little corner shop I never caught the name of (I went to so many) there was 7/8ths of a yard left on the bolt of fabric, and it was originally $140 a yard, but he offered it to me for $60 to clear it out of his shop!
the bodice is sewn over a corseted under-bodice, so there is a lot of hidden structure!
Anyway, I am sort of drafting this on the fly but so far I love how this is turning out! The picture is a sneak peak of the bodice front.

I am afraid I was terrible about keeping up with blogging about this dress, so I am just going to add in a picture of the finished garment. The skirt is silk. (sorry about the picture, this was taken by Paul after a long night on his cell phone camera!)

The finished dress, the belt has a fantastic crystal detail I peeled off of a J Crew headband I bought just because it was the perfect color!

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