England or bust!

So I am going to be gone for the next 2 weeks (realistically 3 since I will be crazy busy trying to catch up with school once I come back,) in England. I am going on a historical embroidery tour with some friends and I am super excited! I am worried about catching back up once I get back because I will have 2 tests and 3 projects due in short order, (the tests will even be makeup tests since I am missing them while away) and I want to do everything justice.

The Pre-Columbian weaving class I am taking is super fun, and I am loving surface design, so I am excited about the 2 projects I will have due for that – it’s just all very time consuming. The 3rd project is a set of costumes designed by my own fair hand and drawn out for my history of costume class.
Anyway, I will have pictures and projects to share when I get back, but until then “cheerio!” (see that’s me being English – I know you are impressed with my mad accent skills.)

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