Union Jack 3 Piece Suit Pillow, part 1

So while I was in England I had a fun idea for a pillow for Isaac’s bedroom, I decided to make a union jack pillow with silk ties and suit fabric.

The first thing I did was get red based silk ties from the thrift store, I decided to go with 4 different ties to have a little more variety. I un-picked the back seam and then pulled out the interlining.

Next I ironed all the ties as flat as I could get them without stretching the bias at all.

I ironed interfacing to the back of the ties to stabilize the fabric since I didn’t really want the bias stretch for my pillow top.

Then my rotary cutter and ruler I then trimmed all the pieces to their finished dimensions (which I am sort of winging at this point since it’s just an experiment and I haven’t exactly decided what the finished product will look like!)

Part 2 is here

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