Union Jack 3 Piece Suit Pillow, part 2

Here is part 1 in case you missed it.

 After I cut all the tie pieces to the size I wanted, I then added strips of cotton shirting material to the diagonal pieces. I could have used thrift store men’s shirts here too (and I think I will for future projects because I think I would like to have a couple of slightly different shirts,) but I didn’t for this project because my local Goodwill didn’t happen to have any mostly white striped men’s dress shirts in. In the end I just used a 1/4 yard of shirting material I got at the fabric store.

I had some blue pinstriped wool suiting in my stash, so that seemed like the perfect fit for the theme I am going with. I was still winging it so I just sort of cut some rectangles and then cut across them diagonally, I know I should have had a more scientific method then that, it just didn’t happen. After I sewed the blue wool onto the strips and ironed everything I cut the rectangles to their final dimensions.

After I assembled the blue rectangle blocks I added the inside corners of the shirting material and then sewed the horizontal red stripes in the middle of 2 blue blocks, and then the vertical stripe down the middle joining up the whole thing. Next I added a thin layer of batting, some plain backing fabric, and then stitched in the ditch along all the seams.

My darling husband just bought me an embroidery machine (I coveted my mother’s after we visited her this summer, and when the same one she had went on sale he picked one up for me!) I was supposed to wait until Christmas, but we are both so bad about being excited about things now, he let me have it early. I am enjoying adding little embroidered touches to things in a low key manor that doesn’t involve hours of doing it by hand, I still love me some hand embroidery, but just not on everything kids related since they will probably figure out a way to outgrow or make something dirty. Anyway, sorry tangent!
I decided that with the Union Jack theme, I would add a crown to the bottom corner.

I downloaded the crown off of an embroidery website, and made it as large as I could, (I would like a bigger hoop at some point, but this one is great for now!) I was really pleased with how well my machine did sewing through all the quilted layers and over seams, I didn’t use any stabilizer because I didn’t think it needed it.

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