Union Jack 3 Piece Suit Pillow, part 3, the final product!

here is the grande finally for the union jack pillow! In case you missed it,
part 1 is here
and part 2 is here
I really like how the crown turned out, I would maybe do it in plain silver, or shiny gold next time, but I just went for it this time because I was thinking of this pillow as more of a sample then a finished product.

The crown is a little small, but I actually like how subtle it is.

The final step was just finishing. I sewed a hidden zip into the bottom while everything was still flat…….. okay, I’m not sure I just described that correctly or in a way that would make sense to anyone. (of course I didn’t take pictures of the process) I sewed one side of the zip to the pillow front, and the other side to the pillow back. I didn’t cut the back to the exact right size before adding the zip because I think it is better to leave it a little over-sized so you can make sure it all lines up after the zip goes in. Next close your zip all the way and then fold the back and the front together with right sides together and trim the two to match each other. now you only have the remaining 3 sides to sew around. (Remember to unzip you zip a little before you go to sew around the other 3 sides, or you will end up with an inside out pillow that cannot be turned!) After sewing around the whole thing I clipped the corners so it could be turned to a finer point on the outside, and then I zig zag stitched around all the sides so it was at least a little finished on the inside even though it is just a sample.
The last step was a bit of an iron and then stuffing with a bed pillow. I am pretty happy with how this turned out, I can see some things I would change for the next one. I think the crown should be a little bigger, (or maybe do a grid of 3 or 4 of them,) I would also probably have them be shiny gold so it stands out better. I needed to be better about measuring, my slackness made the background cross not match up as perfectly as I would like but I still like the effect a lot. (oh I forgot to mention that the back is just more of the blue pinstriped wool. I think if I make another one I want to add red piping into the seam, but I knew that this one was going to for sure have a 2.0 so I decided to just finish it up.
I think the sheen on the silk ties is really lovely, and I am pretty excited about the concept. I have been crazy busy at school over the last little bit, I finally did my final makeup test from England today, so at least I am now just current work crazy rather then behind in my work crazy. I think I need to work on the cross piece angles in this pillow, since they are a little off (the red should go all the way through, and they are a little skew) but as a pattern free first attempt, I am pretty pleased. 
Oh, and I would also like to point out that I am not doing crazy Halloween sewing! Not because we don’t celebrate Halloween, but remember back in June or July (mind of a sieve) when I made the kids outfits for the Avatar the Last Airbender movie? (don’t feel bad if you don’t remember, I didn’t post picture because the kids wanted them to stay a little on the down-low before halloween.) Anyway I have been done with costumes for months, so that is exactly why I am soooooo relaxed!
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