School is out for Winter!

I just finished my last projects for school this semester, I am so excited for winter break, the kids and I have a ton of crafting planned!

My final project for Pre-Columbian Peruvian weaving was a discontinuous warp and weft woven purse – I have step by step photos of the weaving, but not the time or energy to upload them right now, but I will later because it’s a really interesting technique that can be done with really simple materials and not a big loom.
Anyway, here is my finished purse as a peek

it is made out of leather I got by the pound while in Philly with my husband, and handwoven alpaca.

I wove and hand dyed the fabric, it is tie dyed in a Wari style, after an extant Peruvian tunic.

The leather is super buttery soft.

The side hardware, it’s pretty much just for looks.

I dyed and printed Peruvian condor images with a thermofax screen on the lining and then used a scrap of silver kid leather in my embroidery machine to make a label.

the interior is divided and has several pockets!
anyway, I don’t have purse making pictures since that was actually and all-nighter I pulled, and I didn’t think to take pictures of the process, but I will eventually upload the weaving ones.

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