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I just spent the last 2 weeks running around on fumes. I had 2 major projects due for art classes, a major paper, and a test. Paul went out of town for a week to Germany, and I probably fed the kids toxic amounts of fast/pre-prepared foods. I didn’t know how trashed I was until this weekend; I came home from school on Friday and fell asleep on the couch until 9:30 at night, went to bed at 9:30 and slept until 11:00 the next morning. I fell asleep again around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and slept until Sunday morning at 8:00 am. I them proceeded to fall asleep at 4:30 p.m. and sleep until 8:00 this morning.
I have never in my life slept like that……I think Paul was pretty sure I was dieing or something, but like the super husband he is he insisted that if my body wanted the sleep, I was in need of it, and he held down the fort like a champ. He cooked and cleaned and got the kids out the door for school this morning. Thanks Babe!
So today I had a lady bits Dr’s appointment, which went as to be expected (other then the Dr. being an HOUR late for the appointment, I think I would have left if I hadn’t had to psyche myself up for the whole thing in the first place.) After which Paul and I went to lunch, and made plans for spring break next week.
For Spring-break we are going to be working on the curb appeal in the yard, we are trying to not spend too much money, (since we are moving in a year) but we also need to get the outside more in line with the inside. To be honest, it would be much easier if we could find a home buyer service who would tell us that “We buy ugly houses” so that we don’t need to go through with these home improvements. Unfortunately, we’ve committed to it now and I should probably follow through with this. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make me less stressed about the move. Even after I tidy the place up, will anyone want to buy our home? What if I can’t simultaneously sell our old house and buy a new one? To be honest, I have been looking into a trade-in offered by Reali; this is essentially buying your new home and leaving it with the real estate agent to sell your home. This is definitely something that would reduce any stress associated with moving; I’ll have to do more research on it at Regardless, all my focus needs to be on the yard now. So I have decided I need a list, which will hopefully end up with most of the items checked off by the end of the week! (not this week, next week)
(here is a horrible image I cobbled together in paint showing some of the changes using an image from google earth, I got rid of anything that identified the address etc. for privacy reasons.)
  1. add house # plaque to the front porch (this has recently been pulled off of a rotting stand on the front corner.) DONE
  2. refinish desk by door. (purchased last year at an estate sale.)
  3. add trellises to the studio window part of the house (we grow raspberries and blackberries here.) DONE
  4. add border to the flowerbed under the big window (we need to define the line a lot better then what we currently have.)
  5. eliminate the flower bed on the front corner (this one makes no sense, it had huge nasty bushes that housed bugs and is a pain to mow around.)
  6. add paver walkway (we hardly ever use the driveway sidewalk and guests never do, so we need to add a walkway to the street.) DONE
  7. move mailbox and repaint the stand (we need to put it by the walkway so it is closer to the street so people can see our house #’s)
  8. maybe add trellis under the back patio (I am tired of how grubby it always looks under the porch) DONE
  9. paint the trellis under the front porch (it needs to be blue) DONE
  10. maybe fix the window screen on the front porch (I totally put a little tear in one of the screens while Paul was deployed when I carried the old kitchen countertops out and placed them on the porch.)
I am sure I will add to this list as the week goes on, but I think between Paul and I this is doable so far (Paul is taking the week off to be with me for spring break.) However, I’ve just looked at the list again and seen that a lot of work needs to be done on various windows, which makes me think we should just start looking at replacement window options and installation companies, then maybe the rest is doable?

I didn’t do a new post on the Pathway, so I am adding a picture here, the grass is none too green though since it was still early spring!

I’ve only just recently finished the rest of the garden (months after this original post!) so pictures will be posted later on!

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