Walmart to Anthropologie……..

So today was fan-tab-ulous weather wise (in the 80s for the first time this year!) we threw open all the windows, and aired out the house while Paul worked in the yard, and I cleaned in my studio (slipcovering an ottoman that is in my studio counts as cleaning right? I thought so.) Anyway this post is actually about a project I did on Wednesday so I should talk about that right?

Miss Emmie (my 8 year-old) has recently decided that Anthropologie is the height of all good fashion. (I love her taste) I am pretty sure that this fascination is directly related to my love of the store, since she has decided that anything I like is awesome. (I am fully aware that in 5 years, me liking something with be instant grounds for NOT being awesome in Emmie’s world.)

So recently Emmie was lamenting that nothing “Anthro” fit her (not that I would pay their prices for an 8 y/o anyway) and I told her we could make her her very own knock off dress. After going to the website she picked a dress that actually surprised me a bit, since it was not the flashiest, or her usual pretty, pretty, princess style. She chose the in an instant dress which retails for $98 in grown up mommy sizes.

Emmie loves this dress, and asked for only one modification, she wanted sleeves since her school has a no tank-top rule. I decided that this would be a great dress to tackle for Emmie, but since it is so simple I added a surprise twist to keep it fun, every item in Emmie’s dress came from Walmart and only cost a total of $11……………True story.
Emmie loves how it turned out so much she almost refused to wear green on St Patrick’s Day she was so eager to wear it to school, but we managed to convince her to wear it today instead of yesterday. (Apparently she had her teacher look up Anthro’s website today just so she could show her just how close a match it is, her teacher is this stinking cute young woman, so her approval is high on Emmie’s list of priorities.)
I have process pictures, but will start with sharing the whole thing tomorrow, for now I am going to cuddle my hunny and try to stay awake through a late movie (he had a long day, he finished the paver path in our front yard while I “cleaned” my studio!)

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