Miss Emmie’s “Anthro” dress Part 1

So remember how I said a while back I made my daughter a “anthro” dress made entirely out of things purchased from Walmart, and then I got busy with school and didn’t post the pictures or anything? Well, I have finally gotten my behind in gear and blogged about it!

As a reminder, here is the dress she wanted, Anthropologie’s In An Instant dress which costs $98.

While I LOVE my daughter a lot, I am not buying her a $98 dress – ever (well maybe a big white one, one day. But until then, no $98 dresses….) Anyway, it wouldn’t matter if I *was* willing to spend the dough, it doesn’t come in almost 9 years-old size anyway! So, while cruising Walmart one fine afternoon, I came across the perfect ribbon for the belt, perfect like whoa! Anyway, it was a perfect match, so I mentioned as a joke to my husband that it would be fun to make a “Anthro” dress for Emmie totally out of things found at Walmart, and he said “You totally have to!” So we ran around the store looking for the best matches we could find to the In An Instant dress.

The grey tank top is an extra large from the women’s department for $4, I got the biggest size I could so that I had more fabric to work with. The yellow tank top was a 3XL from the men’s department and it was $5, the ribbon came from the craft section and was $2.

I began the project by cutting the entire lower half of the yellow shirt off in order to use it for the skirt, I love that it already has a hem in place, so that’s less work for me! (there are also no side seams since this fabric was knit in the round.)

I then used the rest of the upper body to cut out 4 pieces 3.5″ tall x half my daughter’s waist measurement (+ seam allowance.)
I used my serger to sew 2 pieces together in order to create the inner lining and outer waistband pieces.
I then made them both into the full circles, serging down the other side seam. I want the dress to be pull over, but also keep its shape and not get stretched out; so I serged silicone elastic around the top and bottom of the outer waistband piece. The elastic is just there to make sure the waistband stays close to it’s original shape, not gather or cinch anything, so I didn’t stretch it as I sewed.

I have decided to break this dress up into several parts, so I will post more tomorrow! (Here’s Part 2)

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