Miss Emmie’s “Anthro” dress Part 2

So I probably should have included this picture in Part 1, since it’s the last skirt shot, but I was only really including pictures from one upload session, and this one didn’t fit, so it’s officially here. 😉

After getting the waistband all sewn into a circle and with its elastic, I then evenly divided the skirt over the waistband, and pinned box pleats in place. I then took my lining waistband and made a band – pleated skirt – band, sandwich (which I don’t have a picture of.) Next I serged around the top of the skirt piece so that all that was now missing was the shirt.

I made the shirt pattern by tracing around the edges of a pajama top Emmie has, that is about the same fit as I wanted for the dress. I made it short enough to be high waisted, but left a enough for a little bit of blousing at the waist. Emmie wanted sleeves added to her dress so she could wear it to school (her school has a no tank top policy) so I made a sleeve pattern too. I don’t have any pictures of the process of cutting out the shirt fabric, it was just your basic regular pattern pieces on fabric deal.
Next I serged the shoulder seams, and then folded them in half with the good side in. The Anthro dress has pleats at the shoulder, so I wanted them in Emmie’s dress too.
I used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine to sew a 2.5 inch long line, 3/8″ in from the edge.
I then serged around the neck hole, and turned the edge, I used my coverstitch machine to make the stretchable double row of stitching at the neck, but a twin needle on a sewing machine would basically do the same thing.
so I basically got in too much of a hurry to finish the dress, to keep taking pictures, so the rest will have to just be described, feel free to ask any questions though if I am not clear enough!
I sewed the sleeves on with my serger, sewed the side seams, and finished the sleeve edges the same way as the neck. I then attached the shirt to the top with my serger, I sewed both the outer waistband and the lining in with this one seam rather then trying to do just the outer and then hand stitch the inner for a completely seam concealing finish (it needs to stretch after all,) so on the bottom of the waistband you see no serging from the inside, but on the top you do if that makes any sense.
I then used my coverstitch machine to topstitch a decorative double row, top and bottom on the waistband. I then took the ribbon that started it all and sewed it to one side seam with just a straight top stitch in the seam, brought it around the back and sewed it on the other side seam the same way, (that way the belt will always be centered and won’t get lost.) I then trimmed the ribbon and used a lighter to melt the edges so they won’t fray.
So now I was done with the dress! Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we will have the big reveal! (Here’s the link to part 3)

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