So I know I’ve been a bum…….

So I know I promised Emmie’s dress weeks ago, but I have just gone crazy as my last few weeks of school have rolled around. I will get the pictures up, but I want to do it properly and do a tutorial along with it, so it will be worth waiting for I promise!

In the meantime I am planning some of my summer projects, I want to finally finish my master bedroom and bathroom, so I am trying to get a handle on what I need to do for that.
The Polyvore picture is made up of come close matches and identical matches to what I have, now I just need to bring it all together, I am trying to not spent much money, so I want to use what I have to do most of it, even if that includes repainting/re-purposing.
Anyway, mostly this is a parking spot for my ideas to percolate!

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