A bit of master bathroom renovation

So we have been redoing our master bedroom recently with the help of experts similar to those found at www.moffettplumbing.com/areas-we-serve/plumber-aliso-viejo-ca/, and I wanted to make the master bathroom coordinate a bit. We got a new quilt from Pottery Barn that was the fabric inspiration for the bedroom, and I wanted to bring the colors into the bathroom a bit, we’ve also toyed with the idea of having frameless shower doors but we aren’t sure yet. Since Pottery Barn was not selling the fabric from our quilt by the yard, I decided to buy an extra pillow sham to dissect and turn into a valance for the bathroom window. I am not in love with unpicking, but honestly it doesn’t bother me too much, so it was pretty easy to take apart all the seams in the sham.

I used a piece of plywood I found laying around in the garage…..(I hope my Hunny didn’t have plans for it or anything.) and cut it into the right length and height for my fabric and window. I added a bottom swoop (that I am sure has a real name, but I have no idea what it is) for interest. I also cut 2 long strips to attach to either side so that the valance was a sort of box shape coming off the wall.

I made a little pattern diagram showing how the sham became usable fabric.

I then put batting over the plywood and stapled the whole thing around the back, I like to then staple a lining on just in case I happen to peek up from below while in the tub. I added white linen fabric strips over the middle seams to lighten and give a spa feel (hiding the seams was a bonus) to the valance.
I am pretty happy with how this project turned out, my bathroom is now tied into my bedroom, and I didn’t have to do much more then pick apart a few seams in order to get custom usable fabric. Unfortunately, for some people a renovation of this nature may come at the cost of having to rearrange some of the plumbing that is currently in place. Of course, this would require the services of a professional plumber, who can be found by having a look at a website like www.paultheplumbernh.com/merrimack/ and getting a quote. However, once you have your perfect master bathroom, you won’t care about what you had to do to achieve it.
sorry about the crappy cell phone picture.

The next project was pretty cool too, I added a tile backsplash over the sinks! I was so excited that I have decided to do the same thing in my kids bathroom too, so I will probably take step by step photos of the process then, but for now here is a “after” picture of the tile. These types of tiles are perfect for bathrooms and you can click here to learn about ceramic tile installers near me if they interest you.

I have since added new faucets, painted away the green, and added coordinating tiles to the bathtub surround (I think I have process pictures of that, I will have to check, it was very scary smashing out 5 random tiles from the 4″x4″ tiles in the tub surround and adding an accent tile with the 2″x2″ brown tile from the backsplash. You can actually see the wall color and a peek at the accent tiles around the tub in the valance picture.)


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