Emmie’s Bed

So I have my last critique coming up before summer in surface design, I am making a quilt and 3 pillows for Miss Emmie’s bed, which has now become a whole big project!!!
When we move next summer we have decided to not take any of the kid’s bedroom furniture with us; Isaac’s stuff is too heavy and he will eventually need a double bed so that his height won’t be an issue as he becomes a teen, and Emmie’s bed is just a bit cheap to move again.
I thought it might not be a bad idea to get her a new bed for the critique so that I can set it up at school for a more finished look, I wanted an antique metal bed, but finding one was not easy! One afternoon we went (in an entirely unrelated shopping trip) into The Dump (a furniture store in the local area that is sort of like a TJ Maxx or Ross, it sells nice furniture store stuff that is in perfect condition, just there is only one or something,) and Emmie found every little girls dream bed…….

It’s from the Jessica McClintock Home, The Vintage Collection for Young Ladies’ by Lea. She has wanted a 4 post bed for as long as I can remember and the canopy is to die for as far as she is concerned! It was originally $950 in the furniture store, but at The Dump it was only $260 after tax. I am not a big fan of light blonde woods, and it wasn’t at all what we were looking for, but for Emmie it was LOVE. I personally was thinking about investing in an EMF Protection canopy to block the electromagnetic waves from electric devices as they are everywhere nowadays, but Emmie adored it so much that I couldn’t say no.

(here is a view without the canopy rails)
Anyway, we brought it home with us, but I knew it wasn’t staying exactly as we bought it, I wanted to paint it and antique it back in order to go better with the feel of the quilt I am making (and we plan to thrift/bargain hunt for most of her furniture, so I want to be able to unify her room through paint.)
The colors of the painted furniture won’t all be the same, (as I plan to do a bunch of bright colors) but the antiquing finish will tie them all together. The bed is going green, well not green so much as GREEN, after a great set of chairs I found at one of my favorite furniture stores Arhaus, I didn’t get the chairs since they weren’t quite right for anything, but the finish on them was bright green, antiqued back with a bit of a yellow blonde color showing, and then dark brown antiquing medium. (I will have to take pictures of the chair the next time I pop into the store, since I don’t have one right now.)
Conveniently for me, my bed was originally blonde, so if some of it showed through, it would be a perfect match! So now I just need to get spraying, sanding, and antiquing in time to have a dry bed for Thursday. I have one coat of green already on the bed, but Paul had to run to get me more spray-paint since I did what I always do and underestimated how much it was going to take to paint the whole bed.
I am going to be making it a bed-skirt and canopy with curtains so that it completes Miss Emmie’s picture of the perfect bed (I am using fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush line, which I <3)
I will keep you updated with my progress!!

EDIT: here is the link to Emmie’s finished bed project