my head hurts….my thumb hurts…..

I have woken up all week with a headache in the exact same spot on the back of my head, I keep telling Paul it’s because I’m dieing, HE says it’s because I have been looking down a lot sewing and my neck is jacked up because of it. The only trouble with Paul’s theory is I am ALWAYS sewing, AND it FEELS like I am dieing…

Now I have to find something to do with my day, I was going to clean or sew, except I now have a giant blister on my left thumb (I’m left handed) from sewing shoes for Emmie yesterday. (Yes I said shoes, she wanted shoes to go with the dress I made her, so she spent 2 days hand sewing little shoes out of fabric scraps. She was working so hard on them I couldn’t help myself and had to help her. She now has matching shoes (if they survive the day at school I will take a picture of them) to her dress. I am not so confident in them that I did not send her to school without back up shoes though…….

I know, I know, the last thing anyone wants to hear is a whiner! I am very happy that this week I get to wonder what it is I am going to do with my day, school is out, and I have already made Emmie a new dress, the aforementioned shoes, and I have many plans in the works! (I also have Emmie’s made-over bed to share, her pillows and quilt.

On the agenda for summer so far I have,

Little Red Riding Hood Shorts for Emmie
Saddlebags for my hunny’s and my new bikes
Matching Pencil skirts for Emmie and I
Tutus for my sister and Emmie since they are going to be the birthday girls in Disneyland this summer
9 T-shirts printed for my family so we can be matchy-patchy this summer in Disneyland
gnome skirt and shorts with matching T-shirts for Isaac and Emmie
a quilt with my mommy
Making boy shorts out of a swim top I have (in order to match another swim top I have)
a couple of swimsuits for Emmie since I know she will be swimming like mad at my mom’s this summer
FINALLY get the garden taken care of
and I am pretty sure this list will get massively added to as time goes by.

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