This weekends work

So this weekend we finally dug out the grass from inside the path, so now we are ready to put in the flowers (by we I mostly mean Paul as far as the digging is concerned) but that will happen next weekend since around these parts it will be a 4 day weekend. 

We also put trellis up under the back deck, in order to hide all the garbage (well okay, not REAL garbage, it’s all stuff we aren’t ready to get rid of,) stored underneath it. I don’t have pictures of that project yet, but I will take some after all the planting happens next weekend.

We are going to be putting a fence up around the garden portion of the yard, it will come off the house at the corner next to the trellis and gutter, and then follow the sidewalk around and then turn back towards the garage. We are going to be putting in tomatoes, herbs, peas, and anything else the kids want to experiment with. The front section will pretty much be flowers, and I am excited to see the color all go in. We are going to be putting in a timed drip system so that I don’t kill everything by forgetting to water. However, before taking up the fencing and gardening work, we considered getting our gutters inspected as a part of the routine maintenance. Having clean gutters helps in controlling the water around the home. Plus, it can also prevent excess water from damaging the plants we are planning to put. Though the task of cleaning gutters might look easy, we did not want to take any risk. That is why we had thought to call the experts, who, according to my friends, could be contacted by typing Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Lexington on the internet.

Anyway, besides all the planning and plotting, there was also some other fun this weekend; we went to some estate sales and got a dresser to paint for Emmie’s new room, we went strawberry picking at a local farm, and I made some freezer jam from the spoils.  

I made the white bed drapes for Emmie’s bed, and will be adding pictures when I get the velvet canopy done. Tomorrow I have to get the pattern graph together and all the information I need for my jacket so that I can send it off to Handwoven Magazine for the issue I am going to be in (Sept/Oct I think?) so I am not sure that I will be working on the velvet section before Tuesday or Wednesday.