A new swimsuit for Me!

So I always have a hard time finding a swimsuit, I am busty, but thin-ish and I want to be cute, but also a mom (ie I need to play and move and stop my kids from drowning themselves, while in my suit – not pose in an adorable but impractical one). Even though I’m a mother, I still want to feel confident and good about myself when wearing a swimsuit. This is why it’s so important to have the perfect swimsuit that makes you feel good. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in stores, however, there are so many online shops that sell different sized swimwear currently. One of my friends recently purchased a one piece swimsuit from a company called Hermoza. She seems to really like her swimsuit, and she claims that they had quite a selection of different swimsuits online. Perhaps I should look on there, it’s quite difficult to find the ideal swimsuit in stores.

About 3 months ago, a traveling J Crew sample sale came through town; it was nuts, you were handed garbage bags as you came through the door, and you had to wade through boxes of stuff to find anything in your size (my husband did find his favorite light weight coat in the perfect fit while we were there which is no mean feat since he is thin with monkey arms.) Anyway, I found some swim wear for $3 a piece, that although I couldn’t try it on, I decided it was a good bet for only $6. I didn’t think the green one would fit my bust, but I figured that I have sisters if it didn’t, and the blue one didn’t have bottoms, but being a small with an extra large bust, it seemed too good to pass up, and how hard can it be to match something to navy blue anyway?
It turns out it is very hard to match the right shade of navy in swim-wear, and my behind is too big for most bikini style bottoms because in order to get it to fit my hips, there is a serious wedgie or crack issue or they are cut so low my stomach would hang out. Grrrrrrrrrr designers need to learn about real bodies for sure. (I was also right, although the bottom fit me with the green suit, the top was waaaaaay to skimpy for me.)
Then suddenly I got a brain storm…….. 1.5 suits I can’t use, can become 1 suit I can use! I took the green suit and cut it as high in the waist as I could before the dip in the back of the suit started. I just used my ruler to draw a straight line matching the height of the hips.

sorry it loaded sideways for some reason

I then took silicone elastic and fit it to my waist and sewed it in at the top, I used my sewing machine with a stretch stitch rather then my serger because I didn’t have the right olive green in cone form. I then folded the top over and used a matching zig zag stitch to top stitch the waist since the legs were already done that way. I decided that I liked the vintage feel to the top (and now there was a vintage feel with the high waist on the bottoms) so in order to tie in the navy blue, I bought 4 navy buttons with anchors on them to sew to the front like nautical sailors pants. (sort of like this vintage style suit here)

I used the straps from the green suit to make a little sailors bow for the top, and then I decided to fill in the front in order to minimize some of the cleavage, and because it looked sailor-ish too.

I then used my embroidery machine to add little crossed nautical flags at the bottom!

So here is the finished product, I won’t be modeling it for you because I would hate to contribute to any swimsuit clad photographs of myself to the internet (you never know if my husband might want to become a senator or something later, I would hate to be scandalous or something………)

I think it actually turned out pretty cutely, I am happy with the fit of everything now, and I am happy to have only paid $6 plus $2 in buttons for my new suit.

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