Ode to Anthropologie

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like Anthropologie. I don’t love their prices, but as a 30 something, I like that they make clothes that are age appropriate and interesting. (I find that most stores either want me to dress like I am a teenager or an older lady!)

Anyway I have made a few knock off things from Anthro, (I do buy from them too sometimes) since I enjoy their aesthetic a lot, but find that my height (5’9″) and bust size (30F) is a problem with fitting into their clothes.

Today I am showing a quick knock off I did a few months ago for $6 which was the cost of the lace I used, since I already owned the tank top.

I really liked the Maryam tank from Anthropologie, I only saw it online though after the store was no longer selling it, so although the original price was quite high, I couldn’t buy it even if I wanted too.

I really enjoy the feminine touch a tank like this adds to any outfit, I wear tanks a lot too in order to raise necklines (when you are busty any cleavage looks like you are trying to be like a porn star from somewhere like www.hdsexvideo.xxx and I am a mom thankyouverymuch!) and to lengthen hems (I don’t bare my midriff for ANYONE!)

Anyway, I ordered some lace off of etsy, I’m not going to say who through because I didn’t have a great experience with them, so I don’t want to advertise for them, but I also don’t want to hurt their business either by telling people to stay away from them in case I was a fluke. I got 3 yards of 9″ lace from them (after more then a month! That is an insane amount of time considering they advertised a week) Anyway…….. I then cut enough length off one end to fill the neckline with the hem (I just cut the rest of the lace away) and then I cut the remainder of the length in half. I cut one of the halves in half lengthwise, so I now had a 4.5 inch wide piece and a 9 inch wide piece, and a little neck piece.

After sewing the one piece into the neck of my tank, I then overlapped the other two pieces and put two rows of basting stitches in at the top, and gathered the fullness into the same size as the hem in my tank top plus seam allowance. I then sewed the lace into a tube, and sewed it to the bottom of the tank with my serger, (although you could use a stretch stitch on a regular machine if you don’t have a serger.) I un-picked the hem of my tank, but you could probably cut it off just as easily, I just didn’t want to loose length. I then top stitched with my coverstitch machine over the top of the hem, in order for it to lay flat (twin needles in a sewing machine will to the same thing)

Anyway, here is the finished product since you braved that boring and picture-less description of what I did.

And here it is with a sweater over the top, I would usually not wear a sweater this short on me since I would tend to look boxy, but with the sweet lace hem I think your eye is drawn down into the length rather then the width of my body.

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