So many things…

I feel sometimes like I should start every post with “Sorry it has been so long……” but I have decided I am not going to this time, I have been crazy busy and enjoying my summer and I honestly haven’t thought about blogging that much!

I just got back from 4 weeks at my mother’s house in Tucson which was split up with a week in Disneyland with all the family, and a week in Monterey Bay, California. (which was AHHHHMAAZZING can I not even tell you! My mom took the kids and Paul and I spent the week with just the two of us!)

I did a ton of sewing while at my mom’s, we made a dressy skirt for my mom, 2 pairs of shorts and 5 skirts for Disneyland, (Disney themed of course) and I did some mending that my poor mom hadn’t had time to get to (I even brought home a swimsuit of my sister’s since I didn’t have the right machines to fix it at my mom’s place.)

(I also had to get all the information together for a magazine article I am in this Fall for Handwoven Magazine, so all my non-school writing brain has been all used up!)

I do plan to blog about everything in detail as I go though pictures, but I am going to start off by catching up with a couple of things we did before we left. I think I mentioned the work we were doing in the yard? All of it’s almost done now, we’re just waiting for the one of these backyard sheds to be delivered so we have some secure storage in the yard too! We were struggling to find affordable sheds as they all seemed to be out of our price range, but we found one in the end. Anyway I have a couple of pictures to show.

here is the back patio before, look at that mess stored underneath!

Another angle of the before.

now the after!
we added hinges and gate locks to one section so we can still get to the storage.
I love how tidy it all looks now.
here is the side yard with the fence up, there are tomato plants, peppers, and a fig plant in there now.
here is the fence from the front of the house, the blackberries and raspberries huge this year!

Anyway, I will try to get caught up on some stuff, but I am enjoying my time with the kids so much I hardly get on the computer!

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