A quick summer dress with matching shoes.

 So I made Emmie a dress just before school got out, it was a quick and dirty one made from my own on the fly pattern, and I was pretty much doing it to experiment with my rolled hem foot and my ruffler.

here is the front, I ironed the pleats to make them lie down a bit. 
Here is the back, I crossed the back and did a little ruffle butt.
Here is miss Emmie on her way home from school (goes to show you how behind on posting I am since she has been out of school for over a month)
And here is the back on her, I love that little ruffle bottom!
Miss Emmie Is a fanatic about having the perfect shoe for every dress, she was so cute and using scraps of fabric to try to make her own shoes, I suggested she use a flip flop as a base (thinking she would tie the fabric to it and instead she cut the straps off and tried to make her own shoe using the flip flop as a sole) anyway, I had to step in since she was trying so hard, but not having much success.
I sewed the fabric from her dress onto some canvas

and then hand attached the canvas fabric combo to the shoe, I’ve thought about doing a tutorial but I’m not sure that anyone is interested  – although I have to say, I’ve not seen anything quite like them out in the blogosphere. 

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