Another Ode to Anthropologie

I recently noticed the Expanding Universe Tank on Anthropologie’s website and thought it was a really interesting treatment of the striped fabric. I happened to have a striped knit here with me in Alabama, and thought I would give it a go.
Here is Anthro’s Tank Top (the picture is a link to the site.)
And then here is mine (gotta love the bad cell phone picture on the hotel room bed….sigh, not pretty blog awards for me!!!)

I pretty much just folded the pleats up on one side, and then stitched them in place along the bottom, I then added a gusset to create the angled line at the neck like on the Anthro version. I then just treated the fabric as normal and cut out the front of a tank top with the pleats on the one shoulder. The back is just horizontal stripes.

And then the worst picture of all! Me in the top, with a cell phone, in the mirrored bathroom door. in the walk in closet, at night with a flash……I know I just spit in the wind of photography rules. Anyway, the chances of me doing a full photo shoot just for this shirt are slim to none, so this is as good as it gets for now……..think of it as combat sewing, I’m in a hotel room with 2 kids for 5 weeks. (I’m telling myself this so I feel better about how terrible my pictures are, I can’t believe I came without my good camera!)

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