Going back in time to the beginning of summer 2

Before I went to Arizona the first part of June I printed some shirts off for everyone to wear (they are Happy Birthday shirts for Sarah and Emmie, since Sarah LOVES birthdays and being spoiled, I knew it would make her life to have us all wear shirts for her.)

I wanted the shirts to look sort of distressed, but still distinctly Micky Mouse-ish. I made the image in Paint just using circles and a free Disney font I got off the internet.

I made 9 in total, 4 boys and 5 girls – I added red and white polka-dot ribbon bows to the girl’s shirts.

Since I haven’t uploaded all of our Disney pictures off of the camera yet, (darn only having spent 2.5 weeks at home this whole summer.) I don’t have great pictures of everyone wearing their shirts, but we all had fun looking matchy patchy. Here is the one picture I had on my cell phone…..

We were the Party Poopers that didn’t want to go on the tower of terror, so we waited in line for the Aladdin Show instead.

When I do get around to uploading the actual camera pictures there will also be some skirts and shorts to talk about! While I was at my mom’s house we used her Disney Brother Embroidery machine to embroider Mickey or Minnie Mouse onto 5 different little skirts we made for the girls, and 2 pairs of shorts for the boys (2 of the boys wouldn’t wear themed shorts, the BUMS.) Anyway, I will talk more about it when I actually have pictures to show for it!  

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