Going back in time to the beginning of summer

So at the beginning of summer I made 2 tutus for our family’s June birthday girls. My Sister Sarah wanted to wear one for her 22nd birthday in Disneyland, and asked me to make her and Emmie each a burthday girl tutu.

I gathered over 90 linear yards of fabric into Sarah’s tutu, and half that into Emmie’s. I added some satin Little Mermaid fabric at the top since Ariel is Sarah’s favorite Disney character, I even found some beaded fringe that was Ariel themed.

The birthday girls loved their tutus, and we got to ride the new Ariel ride in California Adventure while they were all dressed up! (We also went to Ariel’s grotto for birthday diner that day) We found some purple tiaras for the girls to wear, which is Sarah’s favorite color!

I would also like to point out that Sarah is wearing a t-shirt that she shibori dyed while I was visiting my mom the first part of June, and I was so proud of her since it involved sewing which she doesn’t do very much (well usually she doesn’t sew at all unless I am around badgering her into it!) You can’t really see it under her jacket, but there are adorable hearts on it, and an “S” on the chest. 

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