In Alabama

So we have been in Alabama for the last 2+ weeks, in the worlds smallest room, with the kids living it up Harry Potter style in the closet on the floor. (don’t worry, there’s a mattress and no door, just a curtain on a tension rod, no fire traps without a window here. )

We have been keeping busy by swimming, I have been sewing (I travel with multiple machines everywhere I go, isn’t that normal?) and knitting a Weasley sweater for Isaac. (pictures to come)

We went to the base ceramic shop a couple of times, Miss Emmie painted ponies, while Isaac worked on a big dragon.

I taught them how to dry-brush starting from a black base, and I think they did a killer job.

I have to admit to helping Emmie a bit, she cares more about results then doing it all herself, and I was the only person who could do the eyes correctly according to her.

We have been cheerleading for Paul while he has gone about his Officer school activities (he is at SOS, a school for Captains.)

If you can’t tell, that is a group of intense adults getting ready to play dodge ball!

Emmie saved this little frog that day, she found it IN the lidded garbage can barely moving, we took it out and poured water on it until it perked up.

It could barely move at first, but after a bit of water it hopped onto Isaac and sat there for a while.

After a couple of minutes on Isaac I got it to sit in a cup of water (Emmie would only hold it in the cup) and it got super perky after that. The kids let it go away from all the stomping feet in the field.

Last weekend we went on a bit of a trip along the path of the longest yard-sale, I heard about it a couple of years ago, and was excited that it was going on while we were in Alabama. We had fun although there was a lot of junk to wade through, we found some treasures; I collect vintage costume or enameled jewelry, and there was some fun stuff out there. I am smacking myself in the forehead for not taking pictures, but I was just not focusing on documenting the sales so much as enjoying the time with my family.

We also found some time to stop and enjoy the blue ridge mountains during our travels. We found this spot as a pull off on the highway, and thought it was just beautiful.

I have finally downloaded a blogger app for my phone, so hopefully I can stay a bit more up to date with posting with all our traveling etc. Sorry if the pictures aren’t perfect, I figure cell phone pictures are better then nothing.

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