Monterey Bay

So in June we went to Monterey Bay, CA just the two of us! (Paul and I) It was out first break from the kids in a long time, and although we adore being with our kids, it was sooooooo nice to have a second honeymoon with my sweetheart.

Paul had to go to Monterey for a work conference, so he was gone during the day for part of the trip, so we went to a local knitting store to get some wool and needles so I could have something to do in the hotel room.

I started on a sweater vest for myself that is currently almost finished, but still sitting waiting for the neckline to have it’s ribbing done. This picture is from a couple of days into our stay in Monteray Bay I think, I didn’t do a very good job of documenting my progress.

Our hotel room was super fancy, white robes and everything! We had a white dove come visit us on our first morning.

We saw lots of wildlife while there like, harbor seals…….

and starfish…..

Ate lots of yummy food (this was organic creme brulee that we loved so much we went back to eat it twice!)

And went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

We walked, and walked, miles, and miles, everyday on the beach! We came back so rested and ready to jump right back into seeing our kiddos again after our break.

Thanks Mom for having the kids while we in California!

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