Our Master Bathroom

So this Spring (I know, jump around much?) I did some work on our master bathroom, I tiled a backsplash behind our sinks, and I wanted to add some color to our tub without having to redo the whole thing.

I found some white tiles that were the exact same size as the existing white tiles, but with a cut out that was the exact same size as the tiles I used in the backsplash (meant to be? I think so!)

I VERY carefully used a hammer to smash out 5 random tiles from the tub surround, so that I could add in the new tiles……….. did I mention how stressed out I was about doing this? I did not want to have this be a can of worms I opened and could not handle without it becoming a major project!

So after managing to only smash out the tiles I intended to, (HOORAY!) I used a premixed grout/adhesive to glue the replacement tiles in place. I used a sponge to carefully wipe off any excess, and then let them dry in place even though all the grout wasn’t filled in (the tiles would move around too much if I tried to put too much grout in place since the backs weren’t dry yet) After the tiles dried for about 12 hours, I was able to finish grouting them, and wiping them without moving them around. (does that make any sense? I can’t tell if I am being clear enough.)

Anyway, here is the finished project (the room has been painted since then) with the new tiles in place. I will put up some pictures of the backsplash later, and then eventually the whole finished project. I promise that at some point I will get more organised with my posting, I am just trying to play catch up with my own chaotic self first!  

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