A Dapper Gentleman’s Plaid Wool Vest

So here are some not so great phone camera pictures of Paul in his vest that I made him. It’s made from a plaid wool with a wheat colored Irish linen lining. I was super happy with how it turned out and plan to make him a couple more because, let’s be honest, how CUTE and dapper does he look?

These were taken in his hotel room since he is at the Air Force Association conference all week, so sorry about the lighting.

The front has 2 welted pockets that close with a button, and I also added a welted pocket to the lining of the left breast.  I added a running stitch in DMC floss to the top of each of the pockets on the front, I like making it look couture as though there were tailor’s tacks there or something. (I would also like to point out the pattern matching, I am pretty proud of myself for that, it was a PAIN to get the wheat stripe lined up on the pockets.

The back.

There is a detail on the lower back just to jazz things up a bit, I added  more embroidery floss to continue to add to the couture look.

Anyway, I was pretty happy with the pattern matching in the wool, and I love how cute he looks in it! He has honestly got the body to pull stuff like this off!

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