Emmie’s Dresser

So I am in the middle of redoing Miss Emmie’s bedroom, she wanted a bigger girl room, and she needed more storage.

I really like fancy furniture stores like Arhaus and Restoration Hardware, (but not the prices) so I have been picking up a few pieces of thrift store furniture here and there, to paint and redo for her in a “fancy” feel.

Here is a chest that I really love at Arhaus, it’s Emmie’s FAVORITE color, I love the knobs, and I really love distressed things since every time we move stuff gets banged around and distressing sort of hides that. What I didn’t love though was the $600 price tag.

 Blue Bombay Chest

So one afternoon I was out thrifting when I found this chest on sale for 1/2 off. The knobs were almost exactly the same as the one’s on the Arhaus chest, but I actually liked the drawer shape better! (I’m not sure why these pictures are so small, but if you click on them they get bigger and more clear.)

I simply stripped the doors and knobs off, and sanded everything down to put a tooth on it. I sprayed the dresser with light teal spray paint, and after it dried I sanded back all the edges. After all the sanding I then rubbed a walnut stain into everything to make it look more antique. As a final step I then sprayed the whole thing with a clear varnish and then put the doors and knobs back on.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, and can I tell you it looks great in Miss Em’s room, which I will reveal once finished.

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