Fall Porch Update

So I decided to Fall-ify our porch, but I wanted to do it on a budget, so I went to see what could be found that didn’t look like total cheap garbage at the dollar tree.

I found a few fall branches, garlands, and floral bunches. I also found some Halloween items that I decided to sprinkle in too.

The first place we (the kids and I) decorated was the front door light. We hung a garland off of it, with a couple of skeletons tied on.

We gave the same treatment to the candle-ier

The school desk (it’s super dusty, I haven’t gotten around to power washing it recently) got a couple of garlands, and a few Halloween pieces. (the iron dogs always live there, Emmie wants to make them little outfits to match the seasons)

Lastly we added a few flower and leaf bunches to pots that were already there, the flowers in those pots didn’t survive how much time we were gone this summer. We also added a few tombstones and some rats and scary busts.

I am pretty happy with the little touch of Fall we added to the front of the house for under $20, we will just take down the Halloween touches when November 1st hits, and we can keep the leaf stuff up through Thanksgiving when it will all come down in exchange for Christmas decorations!


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