Saturday mornings…

So I’m fully back in the swing of school again in weaving, (tapestry weaving this semester,) psychology, history of film part 1, and consumer choices.

This is just a sample, not a perfect mushroom by any stretch…….

The kids have been back at school for 2 weeks now, (Emmie’s sporting her Disney outfit in this one) and they are loving their classes so far.

And my Saturday mornings are now spent in swimming lessons for the kids.

I have been sewing too, just in such a hurry I didn’t stop to take pictures. I made my Hunny a plaid, wool vest to wear with a dress shirt and tie (I am going to take pictures because I feel like it turned out really well.) And I have been making a formal dress for the Air Force Association diner again this year.

Busy but good times! I still have a million and one pictures to upload from the summer and various projects I took pictures of with my good camera, but it seems like anymore, if I can’t quickly post it from my phone, I don’t have time.

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